Other Services We Offer:


  IQP Backflow Testing

A backflow prevention device is required on all properties where there is a potential risk of contaminating the potable water supply.

AT Plumbing can help you assess your site, identify what degree of hazard is present and how to find the best prevention device to contain that hazard.                  

Testing requirements of your backflow device is required annually.



  Space Heating

Heating requirements can easily be overlooked at the planning stages of your new home, resulting in reduced options. A home can remain comfortable through out with central heating, rather than stepping out of the toastie living room into a wall of cold air when going to the kitchen or bathroom.

Talk to AT Plumbing & Gas Ltd to discuss a range of warm water central heating systems, generating a  more evenly heated, healthier, warmer home that won't cost too much to run. This type of heating can be retro fit in most houses, changing the comfort levels dramatically.

Also available warm air central heating systems, these have a quicker response heating your home faster, in most cases are cheaper to install than warm water systems. They are noisier, not as suitable for asthmatics and the heating is not as even or pleasant as warm water systems 

AT Plumbing can also supply and install a range of wood fires and gas fires, energy savers, cosy panels, radiant heaters, outdoor heaters.



  Fire Sprinklers

Keep your home, contents and family safe from fire by installing a domestic sprinkler system, only sprinklers affected by the fire will activate causing less damage, a fire will take 50 to 100 times more water to put out a fire than if a sprinkler had of activated. Reduce your insurance premiums by having a sprinkler system installed in your home or place of business.

Residential sprinklers are smaller and can be concealed above the ceiling, all that can be seen is a round disc, this drops away in a fire allowing the sprinkler to drop down to activate.


  24 Hr Services

Gas Leaks

LPG and Natural gas have different characteristics but one thing they both have in common is they are highly flammable.   When you  have a gas leak you have an emergency.   Help is a phone call away.   A T Plumbing & Gas Ltd  will give you a course of action to follow for your own safety and you can rest assured that we have all the right equipment to detect,  locate and fix it safely for you.

Blocked Drain

Whether you own a Hotel or a Homestay, a blocked drain can be a real inconvenience.   A T Plumbing & Gas Ltd can assess this problem for you and get things flowing again quickly, with as little mess as possible.

Burst Pipes

Water can make a mess and create a lot of damage in a short time.   Firstly, A T Plumbing & Gas Ltd  will help you isolate the supply over the phone, while getting a tradesman to your home or business.

Hot Water

No hot Water!!    AT Plumbing & Gas Ltd can help, all our staff hold a limited electrical licence certificate.   We can identify and remedy problems with your electric hot water.   If it is gas related, AT Plumbing & Gas Ltd can also help.   Our vans are stocked with components and gas equipment that cuts down on travel and gets you up and running quickly.




















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