Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems

Selecting the correct Hot Water System for your situation can be a challenge, you have a lot to consider.  One needs to select a system that will provide sufficient hot water while doing so energy efficiently, both saving money and helping to save our environment.

AT Plumbing & Gas Ltd designs and builds Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems to suit your needs, whether you're a low user e.g holiday bach or sleep out or a bigger user e.g hotel, sports complex, marae. Our systems incorporate the latest in heat pump, solar and gas technology.  Commercial high flow systems are also available.

Contact AT Plumbing & Gas now to discuss your needs.  As specialists, not salesmen, we can advise which system will best suit your requirements.

Econergy Heat Pump Water Heaters

A T Plumbing & Gas are Sales and Service agents of New Zealand built award winning Econergy Hot Water Heat Pumps.  These extremely efficient Econergy HWHP transfer up to 75% of  the energy required to heat your hot water from the surrounding air. This is achieved by application of revolutionary patented technology that heats the water in a single pass. Econergy running costs have been independently shown from EECA Data to be amongst the lowest of any system available.  

Econergy’s top down heating principle together with generous capacity ensure continuity of hot water supply even during periods of high usage. Two sizes are available to give a range of hot water solutions,  these can be installed with an Econergy quality Duplex Stainless heat pump ready cylinder or retrofitted to your existing hot water cylinder. The units are quiet and reduce your electrical consumption by 2/3 to 3/4 in our Northland conditions.

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Solapac Solar Water Heaters

A T Plumbing & Gas Ltd are agents and resellers for Solapac Hot Water. These are quality European solar systems with an excellent reputation throughout Europe. These systems have the European solar KeyMark of quality and are certified to standard AS/NZS 2712.

Solar water heating supplies 50 to 70% of annual water heating requirements and heating your hot water cylinder is responsible for between 30 to 50% of your monthly power costs.                                                      

Harnessing the power of the sun may untimately prove the best way to sustain economic and social growth without damaging the environment.






Econergy hot water heat pump
Solar pump station